The kind of gossip you want hear

Attached are some pictures of my new dining table and chairs. I just love them and my friends are in awe. Of course I tell them that you were heavily involved in the selection! You were right about the shade of the chairs – the fabric you picked is a perfect match with the living room drapes. The stain is also spot-on with my other pieces. I will continue to tell everyone that they must call you to decorate their homes!

Thanks again for all your help with the dining room. I just love it!

Martha F.

Just wanted to update you since your consult with me. The renovations turned out great and my home went on the market on Monday, August 31. Within 3 days, I received an offer and hope to close the deal by next Monday…so, all your suggestions, which I did my best to implement, I believe made the difference.

Declan Mitchell

I was very pleasantly surprised when I came home the other night and saw the changes done to our house. You really did a fantastic job of dressing the rooms and making them look so much more spacious, but yet cozy at the same time. I strongly believe that by staging our house, we were able to get our asking price. Thank you for putting in some much extra time and effort to ensure that the house looked fantastic.

Sheryl Leong